Music of Rain

Ever witnessed how rain creates music using earth & woods as its instruments? Every rain vibrates different forms of music into Nature as light showers sing lullabies to the earth, a moderate rain creates melodies in the hearts of music lovers, a non-stop down pour makes a perfect setting for a jugalbandi of musical concoctions. The song of music was commenced in Nature as well as in our hearts as we headed to Coorg to retreat ourselves for a brief spell away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

As clouds hovered on the horizon, the beautiful stage was set to begin a concert and thus the rain reminisced the slow and high notes of a musical composition as the frequency changed in interim.

Our journey was set to Nagerhole National Park situated in Kodagu & Mysore district, South India, just to avoid the tourist influx which happens in other parts of Coorg. Our whole idea was to relax, rejuvenate and pamper our writing spirits.

The excitement that was sorrounded around our trip has helped us to rise early from bed and we gave a break to our usual night bird stamp by family members. The early morning fresh breeze touched us keeping us in a state of joy and freshness and  we sipped the ginger chai prepared with love by my bro. The weather and mood left all of us in a hunger and we stopped by the roadside idly stall to finish our breakfast. Karnataka’s special tatte idly made us eat more than our belly’s fit and we signed off our breakfast with a filter kapi.

We stopped on the way to meet Chief Scientist, CFTRI, Renu Agrawal in Mysore and she welcomed us with loads of love, warmth and appetizing idly, Bread bajji and special elaichi chai and a dose of pictures as well to save them to our memory library. The ethnic decor has attracted us and after a brief meeting of conversations, songs and poetry we headed to our destination Iruppu waterfalls.

As we entered the check-post of Nagerhole forest range, jungle echoed in silence, path was decorated by Nature with green arches, the aroma of coffee from the sorrounding coffee plantations wafted through the air, witnessed the picnic of deers, the dance of peacocks and songs of wild birds, glistened silver oaks with spicy pepper creepers stood elegantly on the side,  greetings were thrown by jungle orchids that were in full  bloom and the green leaves danced with ecstasy as rain drops kissed them with fresh showers.

As the welcome song was green and colorful, headed to Sherlock’s jungle retreat amidst heavy rain and settled ourselves for a steaming lunch prepared by the cook Ganesh. Though, we were not hungry, we thought of finishing our late lunch and tasted all the delicacies served to us. As our plans were not for sight seeing spree, we confined ourselves to the room which was crafted in an ethnic manner with its high wooden ceilings and artistic decor.

The aroma of fresh jack fruit, sweetness of ripened papaya, tangy raw mangoes, fresh green raw plantains, palms and coconut trees wafted in the air and the senses of the souls took pleasure in it.

Woke up to a beautiful morning to witness the joy of woods, after an over night romance with rain. After hogging onto hot puris and alu curry, myself and anna headed to Iruppu waterfalls situated in Brahmagiri forest. As i stepped into the Iruppu Rameshwara temple, that was situated on the foothills of the waterfalls, divinity embodied every atom in me and positive vibes embraced my heart and soul. The temple was situated on the banks of the Lakshmana Teertha river, enroute to Iruppu waterfalls.

As the legend goes, ” Rama and Lakshmana, passed along the Bhramagiri range whilst searching for Rama’s beloved, Sita. When Rama asked Lakshmana to fetch him drinking water, Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills and brought into being the river Lakshmana Tirtha.[4] Due to this legend, the Falls is believed to possess the power to cleanse sins and is visited by thousands of devotees on Shivaratri day”. (Wikipedia).


After clicking few photographs, myself and my bro headed to Iruppu waterfalls walking through the lush greens as the fragrance of medicinal and jungle orchids reached our nostrils, listening to the chirping of woodpeckers and birds, silent sounds of colorful butterflies. The rich flora and fauna of western ghats was a feast to the eye and the thumping sounds of falls appeared in front of our eyes which was mesmerizing.  The thumping waterfalls created joy, pleasure and happiness reminiscing the feeling of a lover when it reaches its beloved creating a sense of warmth.

Completely drenched in the rain as we walked towards the falls and made our return journey to retreat watching the hide and seek of sun.

Steaming vegetarian delicacies along with desi fish curry and crispy papads tickled our taste buds during lunch.

Yes, it’s time to satiate our writing spirits and paddu (my dear friend) and myself hooked on to our favorite gadgets books and pen to sharpen her upcoming novel on disability. For those who want to pep up writing spirits the place acts as a perfect backdrop. We cracked jokes around our trip, people, indulged in some play of pool, carroms, basket ball and alas! Cricket too! What a mix of books and fun?


After a two night stay, packed our bags to head to Mysore carrying back bundles of memories along with us.

As the vehicle passed through the woods and countryside of Coorg, I looked at nature and thought to myself.

Nature never resists changes in seasons, offering relentlessly to its living beings, a lesson to learn.

Learn in the School of Nature.

Withstand pain as it absorbs the scorching rays of the sun,

Jump in joy as it glows when the moonlight glistens

Let it go, as it sheds rain onto earth from its womb.






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