I can walk in Dark Too!

The day light was faded silently and all the shrieking sounds of nature came to a halt giving way to Darkness in Nature, in Life too! She opened her eyes wide and she could see only darkness and only black color that is spread all around. In that dark black state, this mind searched for a way, wandered around and the path seemed bleak, no torch in hand to spread light, no light to see what’s lying ahead and stood there with folded hands looking at the sky. Numerous thoughts buzzed in her mind whether to stay in that darkness waiting for some light to shine or dare a step ahead to see what lies ahead? No idea whether there is a danger lurking ahead or there is some light to show a path? No map to guide, No GPS, No Smartphone in hand to navigate through the way. Unable to decide she stood alone in the darkness, as the thinking wheel which used to run with the help of another machine was collapsed due to curse of time.

In that dark space, when endless thoughts hovered in the form of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, numerous fears, inhibitions enveloped her own space to walk ahead and to test the times, a deep sound emanated from within the soul, from the eternal soul of mom to take that step, just one step ahead.

When one takes hasty steps without a thought that might land them in danger but a step that is taken with the call of consciousness may not leave any regrets. That conscious step and gradually sky smiled carpeting herself with tinkling stars in a slow motion. This Heart heaved a sigh of relief as light beamed on her path. Slowly moon made its way onto the large space signalling a positive future.

Soul smilingly glanced at the sky and questioned back to Nature? Am i finding a way in your direction? Are you throwing some light? Is it possible to cross through this phase alone?

As stars were dancing and glowing in the moonlight, fairy angels landed up one after the other shielding and guarding this soul patting her back to look forward and walk. She was only listening to the sounds as she was not in a state to understand the miracle that is weaving around her.

She started walking slowly, briskly and with rhythm. Nature too smiled! Darkness started disappearing from her way, from her life..

In that moment of light, she has started realizing her potential, her ability to walk alone without the help of the other wheel, her will power to reach heights. Her ‘Self’ slowly unveiled. Now, she stood there as a warrior to face darkness if it stands by her way.

When she was not aware how light shines, she thought she was happy under the glow of artificial lamps. She did not realize that her soul was being crushed in the artificially created settings. Pain and agony were mistaken for Love. Her understanding was diminished and thought she is a helpless creature.

In darkness, situations don’t appear in reality as you are blindfolded with the clutches of traditions, meaningless customs and false notions about light.

As the shimmering and bright morning rays beamed into the mind and heart, soul started shining from within. Abundant energy flowed in to ride the vehicle alone without the other wheel. In the process, she falls down, receives bruises, gets hurt, suffers fractures as bearing light is not everyone’s skill. But now she knows how to heal herself with a first aid kit to her side and ride again to bring a smile on to her face.

Now, nature too smiles back looking at her courage, determination and offer an eternal hand in the form of other wheel to move forward. Nature lays flowers on the path to cushion her if she falls down.

Sense of security prevails!

Love returns in abundance!

Bountiful of Blessings!

She is evolved as a confident, bold and beautiful soul to walk straight and now she knows how to walk in dark too as she is equipped with all the gadgets.

Oh Woman! You can walk in Dark too!

This post is dedicated to all my angel friends!




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