A Journey into the lap of Nature!

How much ever rich a person is, how much ever wealth a person possesses, whatever aristocratic life a person leads, whatever luxury he swallows during his life time, his last journey will be to reach Mother Earth and only Mother Earth! No palace, no star hotel, no giant building places a great man in its four walls though monuments can be built as a memory only once he is laid down in the soil, in the earth. All of us one day need to be buried in mud which is a fact and no one can deny this.

Having had fascination towards greenery, hamlets, villages, water bodies and ethnicity that evolves around Life, our journey took a leap towards Gajapatinagaram where my friend Padma’s farm lands are situated. Admiring the beauty of Eastern Ghats nestled as aisle to our driveway reached the destination.


The merry green raw plantains welcomed us as our car took a turn into the field and my heart jumped in joy to see the greenery around. Our smart mobiles immediately shook their head as they became busy with our bungee jumps of clicking pictures of the scenic marvel around. The hidden kid in me came out as the long stream that is nestled on the banks which grooms the fields swayed its tunes with its flow. Couldn’t resist myself to ask anna to capture me near the stream in his DSLR camera to cherish the moment as a memory. The young mango saplings offered a feast to the eye with their charm and elegance as the royal pumpkin fruit sat in pride beneath the bushesDSC_0010.jpg

The farmer’s life was witnessed by us in its natural splendour as the traditional fireplace that is arranged to prepare his daily food was made with mud and decorated with beautiful patterns. Which granite slab and branded gas hob can give the similar aroma to the dishes that we urbanites prepare in our modular kitchens? The produce he consumes is fresh from the farm and not from the refrigerators and ice storage factories. The traditional stone grinders to prepare grounded masalas appeared like an ethnic décor to me. I wonder whether the generation of today are aware of these age old machinery that existed in human life or not? There is no alarm to wake the farmer from a deep slumber as the farm bred hens give a wakeup call with their voice. The sun, moon and stars are his antique décor in his home. Nature is his best friend. What a luxury? Can any modern man afford this with the riches he possesses?

The majestic teak wood plantations shone in glory as the rays of the sun touched their leaves and cast a magical spell on us. The dwarf though spicy chilly plants, sweet guavas, tangy Carissa carandas (vakkaya), tasty brinjals enthralled us like soldiers on our path. The royal sandal wood trees showered their fragrance on to the visitors and we had to wish them too. A walk down the lane, the glorious golden bamboo and cashew amazed us with their beauty.

Amidst all this greenery, Amma (Adiseshu) rested in peace in a corner looking at each one of us, sending her eternal blessings, smiled at her daughter’s presence in the farm. Eternal peace pervaded the atmosphere and our hearts became heavy. Paddu! Waiting for you to walk so that we can play hide and seek in the mango and coconut groves by cracking jokes on our Ramdev baba Anna!

With a heavy heart headed to Global Aid hostel, met the staff and spent the noon over lunch at Padma’s home, relaxed in mom’s swing and returned to the mundane urban life as  dusk unveiled.


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