“Nature knows no boundaries, Sky has no borders and demarcations, only Man has created boundaries in the form of Walls and boundaries”!

Diversity acts as one of the life line of HSBC to run business efficiently and smoothly transcending boundaries and geographies. We, as part of education team trot the globe to deliver training across different locales that are spread across different landscapes. During this process, my experience is nostalgic as it not only helped me to build professional connections but emotional and personal connections too.


We, at HSBC strongly driven by value led culture towards diversity and the importance it gives to its people try to understand different cultures that exist within regions, accept and try to be part of that culture when we stay with them. Isn’t it great to learn others culture and take away best practices from it. Every travel carries an experience with itself.

When my Manila travel was decided I am pretty assured with my logistics as I am aware that Education team in Manila is going to be there to assist me be it work or travel. They surpassed my expectations as Jun has taken care of my transport, training logistics and co-ordination with different teams. Made it a point to show me the way to HSBC building that is located opposite to the hotel to make my Monday morning pleasant without asking strangers regarding the locale of HSBC. Splendid Job Jun!

The greetings I received from FCC team in Manila were welcoming, friendly and comforted me like a Home. Though connected virtually with most of the team members through video conferences and audio trainings, never imagined that this organization connects us personally too. It’s a great feeling to get connected on a personal level, extend hellos, and understand each other. The interactions that we made over coffee breaks helped us to evade the impressions that we carried regarding people through Lotus notes mails and Instant Messages. Exchanging pleasantries, delicacies from each other’s native lands, conversations on economy, polity, culture, habits carries the message of oneness amongst diversity. It just blows away our pre-conceived notions of “This should be like this only within set parameters of our mindset”.

Facing trainees from a different culture, understanding their psyche and delivering training, lunch on meetings, casual conversations bridged the connections between trainer and delegates and at the end of the day cultural boundaries vanish. A great experience to cherish.

The support that was provided by management including Rose, Jun, Ruby, Kat, Glen, Cess, Joseph and Rina who are from different verticals of FCC operations was commendable. There was never a moment that I felt that I was away from home.

Sacrificing their personal time, Jun and Ruby have accompanied me for a tour to shopping malls in the city as well as had some great time during visit to historic places. Rina and Cess too joined in to drive me to the destination. Isn’t it something out of their way?

When we travel, we not only understand and learn different cultures, diversities that exist in human nature but also try to be open and connected with them. This brings in the openness and connected values of HSBC to the fore. Isn’t it Amazing?

Migration to Colombo has not only provided me with a rich experience of travel, shopping but also with good friends who travelled to India as well to spend their holiday. Same with Indonesia team whom I don’t know priot to my travel even virtually, however their love and warmth made me comfortable during my short stay.

Business travel is not only providing us with an opportunity to deliver, learn, tour around, shop and understand cultures but also to get connected with people from different geographies on an emotional level. Today, I can proudly say that I have an extended family across geographies. Isn’t it a great feeling?

At this moment, just wanted to pause with a quote that popped up during my stay here, “Nature knows no boundaries, Sky has no borders and demarcations, only Man has created boundaries in the form of Walls and boundaries”!


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