An Evening over Ropeway and Toy train – Valley n Waves

Nature has its unique splendour and charm in its own myriad ways and appears as a new born in every moment. As my auto passed through the sea side of Vizag amazed at the expanse of the waves that were lashing the shore, memories flashed and disappeared in synchronization with the majestic waves. My thoughts of nature, musings, pain, emotions, break-ups, tea-time conversations, laughter, promises that this vast sea witnesses were put to a brake with my autowallah’s call that the destination has arrived.

Stepped into the lobby of Novotel to meet our super boss Sudipta Adhikary’s family along with Education team and after an initial round of introductions headed to enjoy the scenic view of Kailashgiri, the hill top picnic spot of the city. The team appeared vibrant with the presence of cool super boss Adhikary along with his charming wife Sush and cute son Saaraansh. FCC’ians all time favourite boss Bipin Sir & Sneha Nair, partying couple Megha and Ron, newly wedded couple Sourish & Shayantani, ever helpful Gullu bhai, and new entry to the team Jaya.

Fun burst into laughter as each one of us have expressed our inhibitions to climb the hill through Ropeway. Motivated ourselves to experience the drive that this city offers and gathered all the courage to settle ourselves in the cabin. The 5 minute ropeway journey was an exhilarating experience however the fun was stolen by our nervousness as we looked at the sea that appeared like a huge water bed.

The recovered Kailashgiri Hill which was devastated post Hud-Hud Cyclone greeted us with warm and sultry weather. Mrs. Adhikary’s Chinese Hand fan came to her rescue to save herself from this foggy climate. Bipin Nair became Brand Ambassador of Vizag for quite some time as he was engaged in branding the city by showing picturesque valleys, concrete structures that spread amidst the city overlooking magnificent sea on one side and the giant hillocks on the other side. The panoramic view that this hill offers is a feast to every poetic eye and the toy train ride that we took to circle around the hillock was another experience to treasure. We bid bye to this beautiful place after posing for some selfies to store in our smart phones and post on our social networking sites.

How can we end a trip without a meal to pamper our taste buds? So, our journey was set towards the 7th floor of Hotel Dolphin (Horizon) to gain some more calories. Feasted over a range of kalmi and kasuri kebabs and fortified our spirits over chilled mocktails as some old-time movie hits flowed around the air through the in-house music band. Giggled and laughed over conversations around office, bosses and our hobbies too. A nice evening spent with our Education family to cherish in my Memory Library.

885266_719486544747634_185765329_oDSC_018412143124_10153822513614180_43793110209466372_n (1)


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