NH 5 to NH 16 @ HEAL Paradise

11999643_10153638368789158_45709497263901506_o 12017638_10153638363749158_4023444762984806703_o 12031594_10153638368939158_4134142882018845951_o12017638_10153638363749158_4023444762984806703_oThe gigantic green hills that were sorrounded across the land resembled like majestic soldiers to the paradise that was enveloped with serenity.  Brahmalingam Lake that bordered the area is brimming with Life.  The place was beaming with joy as the laughter of children evaded around. The sprawling campus that was spread across 30 acres of land welcomed us with love and affection. The tiresomeness that caused due to 7 hour road journey from NH-5 to NH -16 disappeared like a magic wand as soon as we stepped onto that serene land.

The early morning drive from NH-5 towards NH-16 gave us an opportunity to witness paddy and cane fields that were swinging to the tunes of nature, the charm of pastoral life and the ethnicity that is lying in villages.   Silenced our hunger pangs with the home made Andhra breakfast Urad Dal Pan cakes and Pea Nut chutney. The journey encountered bumpy roads and traffic filled Highway paths.

Truly standing as testimony to the name “Heal Paradise” values and humanity showered from every pillar that was erected. It’s not a luxury resort to relax but provides a lap to all those children who are really in dire need. Children are the future of this earth and the innocent child is not destined to suffer. Realizing the need to lend a hand to little hearts, HEAL was conceptualized in the year 1992. It has extended its wings to different geographical regions like USA, UK, Australia and India. HEAL is engaged in providing homes, food, education and medical care to orphaned and underprivileged children.

After the initial tour around the building, we were destined to meet the Founder of HEAL Koneru Satya Prasad, a Man with a Vision. He greeted us with warmth along with his team of volunteers and Board Members. We could sense the joy that emanated through the eyes and the smile that surfaced on the faces of children when they greeted us with Love and Respect.  Is this joy can be measured in any amount? Can this be estimated in any currency. Certainly, Not!

Our Lunch-on conversations revolved around health, food habits, menu for the hostel children and his silent warnings to kitchen staff to cook and serve healthy food to kids in the facility. The meal consisting of Tamarind Rice, Carrot Curry, Sambhar, steamed Rice, Cucumber chutney and curd occupied our lunch platter with a dose of banana to give that touch of coastal cuisine.

The casual conversations between Mrs. Lakshmi and Bread Society representative Mr. Ram Mohan Rao acted like a break to our professional conversation.

A man with a vision, with a purpose to serve, with zeal to work, silently carrying the mission of Heal stood like a Role Model to all of us. Can anyone define GOD? People who work relentlessly for the benefit of humanity are the messengers of Super Power and not the one who sit like a rock statue in the temple corridors. For a moment, my hands folded and my head bowed down to the Atman that stood in front of me in the form of a human being.

The day was followed with the Presentation of Global AID by Padma and Anand (Global AID Visionaries) to work together for a better society. Knowledge capsules flowed in from “Satya Prasad” like a stream that flows through the slopes. It was not a prepared speech, it was just extempore, it was just the experience that he has gained through his Life. Every Life is an experience, in his words.

No nonsense conversations, it was only regarding development, it was only regarding nurturing of young minds, it was only towards building a healthy society. Evening snacks accompanied with coffee served in the Lobby of Heal Paradise overlooking the green hills and organic farms on one side, and playful children on the other side took our recreational senses to great heights.

Professional captures and clicks through the lens of Seetaram Uncle has given Anna respite from his routine photography hobby and all of us together carried loads of memories, a vision to carry forward and to march together.

As the Bright Crimson Sun lowered its rays to bid bye to the Day, as the evening dust flew into air, the bubbling faces of Children waving their hands slowly faded from away  our vision as we set our journey towards Vijayawada, the Capital Town of Andhra Pradesh.


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